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Rocco Pisto Paintings

 As a painter for over fifty years, I never tire of the experimental process of starting a piece and solving the design problems along the way to make it a finished work.  Spontaneity, discovery, individuality, analysis, visual balance, contrast, and contradiction all summarize my thought process.  I find that no two paintings are the same, and I cannot paint the same thing twice.  My technique of painting abstractly by dripping, pouring, splashing, and brushing paint allows the work to evolve until it meets my criteria of what constitutes a successful piece of art. The adrenaline of marking pristine, white Arches Watercolor paper with paint is a euphoric process that never loses its newness or interest.”  

Rocco Pisto Paintings is one of the licensed artists working with IMAGIO Glass Designs to offer customers the opportunity to have original art designs for  their home or office tempered glass backsplashes, murals or window treatments.  The image below is an example of a kitchen backsplash from an original Rocco Pisto Painting. Link to IMAGIO Glass Design Licensed artist page

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