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Riverside HS 50th Anniversary Painting

This piece was donated to Riverside Middle School and will reside in the school library.  18"x24" Giclee prints are available for $50.00 plus shipping.



Homecoming 2008

This piece represents a period of symbols from my college days at Eastern Michigan University.  The fraternity days back in the early 1970's was a big part  of my life and remains one of the highlights of my life. I created this piece for the current Frat Brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi that attended our weekend get together  to sign and possibly have a poster created for them as well.




Marigold Pond

Phantom Ranch

 Acrylic on Canvas


Original NFS 


This view of the Grand Canyon was inspired by my best friend, Daniel V. Budrzysky, who passed away July 23, 2005 after a three year battle with Lymphoma. 

Not a day goes by that I don't think of my good friend.


Posters available at Net's Whim

28"x 35"


Night Lakeview

Acrylic on canvas   33"x49"  Price $595.00 


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