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Recently, I’ve had requests for prints of my original artworks that have already been sold.
There are many reasons a collector might prefer a print over the actual artwork.
To respond to those requests, I am offering giclées of some of my favorite pieces.

A giclée is a fine art print made from a very high-resolution digital file. It is created using
ink-jet printing on museum grade, acid-free paper. My print partner creates excellent giclées
that are extraordinarily similar to the original artwork. The response to the quality
of these prints has been extremely positive.

Each image can be printed up to 44" wide.
The cost is about 30% of the price of the original artwork. Further discounts are available
when purchasing 3 or more.

On display at my office in Powell 

  These limited giclees will be signed. 

New Corporate giclees for 2009

Several of my works from the miniature series have been digitized to create prints of any size.  The following three pieces are sized for large corporate spaces.

Title C012    Size   42"x42" under acrylic


Title C007    Size   42"x42" under acrylic

Title C033   Size   42"x57" under acrylic



EMU TEP prints

These are a couple of paintings we turn into prints for my fraternity brothers.  We had some fun with using the signatures as part of the piece.

Marigold Pond Giclee


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