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The true value of an artist is how they inspire others. Art does not exist without interaction with your fellow human beings. I got inspired in art in seventh grade, when art teacher, Mr. Smith, offered to purchase my first watercolor painting of a tuba.  Well, he never bought the painting, but I was inspired.  I love seeing the eyes of young people, when they see the work of an artist they know.  This page on my website is dedicated to those young people who get excited about art, with a little encouragement.   This was my first water color painting in ninth grade at Riverside High School, Dearborn Heights, MI.


Abbey's Pisto original


My young friend Abby, has a framed Pisto painting in her room. I hope it inspires her to be creative. Thanks for sending me a picture.


You have definitely inspired Abby. She is psyched that someone would do something so nice for her! She did very well in art. We framed some of her school artwork that are keepsakes. She's got the creative bug. Who knows, maybe you'll be her art professor one day...Susan



Naya and Elli

Cousin Mia

My friend, Keegan


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