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What NO Glass?


Framing Concept for Watercolor Paper Painting

What no Glass ??

Looking to compete for gallery space with large contemporary acrylic and oil paintings?  My discussions with gallery owners in some of the hot art district’s of Chicago told me if your paintings are under glass forget about getting exhibition space.

I’ve had a love affair with watercolor for over 40 years and found that I needed more real estate than the limitation of a piece under glass would provide.  I love big brush strokes, fast action, dancing on the paint surface, watch the exposition of paint mixing wet on wet or wet on dry techniques.  If I had the ability to work on rolled Archelles  paper and needed a 8 foot or 12 foot piece it’s not a limitation anymore.

I big fan of Jackson Pollack and his contemporaries, and love painting big as others have done for centuries on canvas.  Now I have the ability to have the best of worlds, watercolor paper and large pieces.

After four years of experimenting with different techniques, I started collaborating with a framer in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Gregoire Moulin, owner of the Frame Warehouse.   Greg came up with techniques that eliminated the need for Glass or Acrylic to preserve the paper from getting dirty or damaged.   Also we used basic modern frames to box in the piece, but not over power the piece.  I’m hoping this approach to painting on paper will help us break that watercolor painting subclass barrier. 

Also I hope this to be the first step of the elimination of the Glass and matte requirements in show dedicated to watercolor.  Let me know what you think. 


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